Skill #7: Measure and Record Urinary Output

The candidate is asked to empty the resident’s urinary drainage bag into a graduate container and to measure the amount of urine. An Intake and Output (I&O) Form (see back of the book) is provided to record the measurement. The output should be recorded as urine and the correct time recorded for the measurement. The role of the resident is played by either a person or mannequin.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Introduction Dialogue
  2. Close Curtains
  3. Wash Hands
  4. Gather Equipment
  5. Put on Gloves
  6. Prepare for Procedure:
  7. Place equipment on the floor on top of a barrier
  8. Open alcohol swab
  9. Remove bag from bed frame with one hand
  10. Complete Procedure Objective:
  11. Remove tip from pouch and hold
  12. Place bag above graduated cylinder
  13. Open tip and empty ALL contents into the graduated cylinder cup
  14. Place graduated cylinder on a table, on top of a barrier
  15. Measure amount at eye level
  16. Make Sure to Record
  17. Put Away Equipment
  18. Remove Gloves
  19. Wash Hands
  20. Make Hospital Bed
  21. Exit Dialogue
  22. Open Curtains
  23. Wash Hands

SAFETY HAZARD: Make sure to not hold bag above the level of the bladder, or urine can flow back  into the bladder

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:Barrier First (Towel for the Floor), Gloves, Barrier for the Table (Paper Towel), Graduated Cylinder Cup, Alcohol Swab

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