Skill #4: Transfer the resident from the bed into a wheelchair

The candidate is asked to transfer a resident who is lying in bed, into a wheelchair. A pivot transfer technique is required, and a transfer/gait belt is required. The resident is able to stand but cannot take steps. The role of the resident is played by a person.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Introduction Dialogue
  2. Close Curtains
  3. Wash Hands
  4. Gather Equipment
  5. Prepare for Procedure:
  6. Pivot the Resident into a sitting position
  7. Make sure their feet are flat on the ground
  8. Put shoes on the Resident
  9. Put gait belt on the Resident
  10. Pull up wheelchair as close as possible to the Resident
  11. Complete Procedure Objective:
  12. Transfer the resident from the bed to the wheelchair
  13. Put one foot on the wheelchair paddle and cross the other foot
  14. Drive the wheelchair to a safe location away from walls and the bed frame
  15. Fix the Residents Feet
  16. Fix the Residents Back
  17. Remove the Gaitbelt
  18. Put Away Equipment
  19. Make Hospital Bed
  20. Exit Dialogue 
  21. Open Curtains 
  22. Wash Hands

SAFETY HAZARD:Make sure wheels are locked whenever the wheelchair is not in motion

EQUIPMENT NEEDED:Gait belt and Wheelchair

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